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Hi, I'm Katharina von Stern and I'm the owner of
I have started my website because I'm a natural born dominant woman and I love to show you all these different fetishes on My site and I think I did a good job.
Enjoy my website!

  My Bio     

I was 16 years old. I was out for a party and I met a 28 year old man who offers ME that he had a submissive nature and that he would like to be MY slave. First of all I thought, what's going on with this nerd, but after a while I noticed that I liked it to see that humble man begging ME to dominate him.
After a few weeks and several phone conversations I allowed him to pick ME up and we went to his apartment.
I had a lot amusement there, because this guy did anything I told him. I just snapped with MY fingers and he jumped to get ME drinks and stuff.
From this day on I realized that I like to rule over him and I allowed him to be MY servant and slave. In the last years I had several slaves and I made also a lot experience by giving some slaves corporal punishment.

I love to laugh when I punish slaves and I love to degrade them by using them as an ashtray or as MY spittoon.
I also love to use slaves as a footstool, a chair or I just use 'em as MY personal ashtray-holder. You can see all of this and much more in MY large photo section and on mpeg videos in MY member area. You'll be not disappointed.

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  Some FAQ     

  1. Do you have a boyfriend?
    KVS:   NO! Only subs!

  2. Are you a real natural born Dominatrix?
    KVS:   Of course, and a very strict one. I also demand obedience.

  3. Did you ever work in a dungeon and if, for how long?
    KVS:   I used to work for almost 2 years in a dungeon and I enjoyed it a lot.

  4. Why you quit working in the dungeon?
    KVS:   I just love a change from time to time.

  5. Do you want to open up your own dungeon one day?
    KVS:   I will not say that I won't do it, but at the moment I prefer to work on MY website. Also I want to produce some videos first.

  6. What kind of videos you will produce?
    KVS:   I'll produce videos which will including whipping, obedience training, Bondage, candlewax treatment,etc....

  7. What kind of slaves you prefer?
    KVS:   I love it to drill them strictly and they must be willing to learn absolute submissive obedience. Slaves must amuse ME and I love it also to turn them into perfect court jesters. When I can laugh about them I feel great:-)

  8. Do you look for personal slaves to let them do domestic duties?
    KVS:   At the moment I own several male objects who do this for ME, so I'm not searching now. But you never know, if there's someone interesting mailing ME I'll think about it.

  9. What can a slave do to satisfy you?
    KVS:   This slave is still not born. Iīm very vexatious and I'll give a slave a hard time. There's almost no way to satisfy ME.

  10. What you donīt like and what you would never do?
    KVS:   I absolutely donīt like brown showers, sorry... Further I don't like mindless brutality and the so called white room stuff. But slaves, be aware, I'm a strict whipper, he, he, he...

    If you have further questions, email ME and your questions and MY answers will show up here.

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